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UC4 15 year life treatment, 30 Year Sector 4 Treatment.

Fencing Products



Square Sawn Fencing  Timber, usually grown and sawn in the UK

We can offer a full range of quality Sawn Fencing Timber, offered  green or brown standard treated or 15 year desired life.

Products fall into 2 distinct categories

Equestrian/ Agricultural

Field Rails, Gravel Boards. Field Posts & Gate Posts

Domestic Fencing

Posts, Gate Posts, Feather Edge Boards, Cant/ Arris Rails,Gravel Boards, Pales, & Capping

In addition to the above we can offer, Weather Topping of Posts, Post Mortice  and Pointing

Sawn Timber Posts 07.05.15

Machine Round

Machined  Round Stakes, Poles & Rails

From 50-200mm diameters,  smooth faced,  slow grown in Northern Europe, giving a  good strength to diameter ratio free of all bark. These are more widely used in  domestic situations, schools, car parks and recreational areas open to the public. However they do have both Equestrian and Agricultural Applications

Generally offered Standard Green treated or UC4 Green Treated.

Tree Stake Sizes

1.20m/1.50m/1.65m/2.10m/2.40m x 50mm Pointed
1.65m/1.80m/2.10m/2.40m x 60mm Pointed

Tree Stakes/ Rabbit Fencing/or temporary Fencing size

1.65m/1.80m/2.4m x 75mm Pointed

Stock Fencing Sizes

1.65m/1.80m/2.4m x 85mm  Pointed
1.65m/1.80m/2.4m/3.0m   x 100mm Pointed
1.65m/1.80m x 100mm pointed Half Round

Strainers sizes

2.10m/2.40m x 125mm Pointed
2.10m/2.40m x 150mm Pointed
2.10m/2.40m x 200mm Pointed

Half Round Rails sizes  square both ends

3.66m x 75mm
3.66m x 85mm
3.66m x 100mm

Jump Pole sizes  Square/ Chamfered ends

3.66m x 75mm
3.66m x 85mm
3.66m x 100mm
3.66m x 125mm
3.66m x 150mm

Bollards sizes Pointed

0.90m x 100mm
1.20m x 100mm

Machined Round stakes.jpg website

Untreated 200mm Untreated Kiln dried Pine website

This picture depicts untreated kiln Dried Pine

Cundy Peeled

Cundy Peeled Stakes

Again slow grown in Northern Europe,  giving a very good strength to diameter to ratio. Cundy Materials are more rustic in appearance and are more widely used in  rural settings.

These are available with following Treatments, Standard Green, UC4 15 year life, 30 year National Highways Sector 4 Scheme.

Tree Stakes Sizes Pointed

5’6” 2”-3”
6’     2”-3”
7’     2”-3”
8’     2”-3”

Stock Fencing Sizes Pointed

5’ 6”  3”-4”
6’       3”-4”
8’       3”-4”
9’       3”-4”
5’ 6”  4”-5” half round stake
6’       4”-5” half round stake
6’        4”-5”

7’        4”-5”

Strainer Sizes Pointed

7’         5”-6”
8’         5”-6”
7’        6”-7”
8’        6”-7”
7’        7”-8”
8’        7”-8”

Peeled Rails Square ends

12’  4”-5” half round

Cundy peeled stakes Website

Fencing Slats

Fencing Slats

We can offer waney one edge and two edge slats for fencing panel manufacture. These are available on a forward order basis only Waney 1 & 2 edge slats

Lengths: 1.828mtr — 4.7mm

Sizes: 100mm — 125mm (average 125mm)

Waney 1 edge Slats 07.05.15

Fencing & Trellis Battens

Fencing & Trellis Battens

We can offer fencing and trellis battens for panel and trellis manufacture. These are available untreated or treated in either brown or green. Only full lorry load quantities on a forward order basis.
1.828 mtr x 16mm x 32mm
1.828 mtr x 16mm x 38mm

Fencing & Trelis Battens Website


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